Serving Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Golden, Kittredge, Bailey, Pine and the Surrounding Foothill Communities

The threat of wild fire is a reality property owners in the foothills must live with. Proper fire mitigation (the thinning of trees and shrubs to help prevent or slow the spread of fire) and creating a defensible space (the clearing of trees, shrubs and other potential fuels away from homes) is important. Let an experienced arborist from McGarva Tree Service walk your property with you to develop a fire mitigation plan that works.

Items to be considered....

  • Remove trees within approximately 30 feet of homes
  • Remove tree limbs below 8-10 feet from the ground
  • Thin out tree clusters to leave approximately 15 feet between crowns
  • Prune limbs back approximately 15 feet away from roof and chimney
  • Clear property of dead/dying trees
  • Clear property of fallen and dead ground debris (branches, trees, shrubs, pine needles)

Fire Mitigation & Defensible Space